Fabric Scissor Sharpening Because the only time you should get the jagged and frayed look is when that’s what you’re going for.

Anyone who cuts fabric on a regular basis knows that a sharp set of fabric scissors can make all the difference in the world. Not only do expertly sharpened scissors cut through fabric like butter, but they make the job easier for you in the meantime.

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You might need fabric scissor sharpening if…

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  • Your dull shears just aren’t cutting it—literally.

    If you constantly have to take multiple passes to get the cut you want, it’s time to get your shears sharpened.

  • You drop your scissors a lot.

    We get it, accidents happen. If your fabric scissors get banged around or dropped a lot, it’s likely they need sharpening and some maintenance.

  • You’ve developed carpal tunnel, blisters, or any other persistent hand pain.

    Dull blades make you work harder, which can lead to repetitive stress injuries. So instead of reaching for your medicine cabinet, invest in fabric scissor sharpening.

  • You’ve cut something other than fabric with your scissors.

    Fabric scissors are intended to—you guessed it—cut fabric. But life gets busy and sometimes you’ve got to use the tools at hand. But using fabric scissors to cut non-fabric items can dull them faster.

  • You’ve tried to sharpen your scissors at home, with less-than-stellar results.

    It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a DIY sharpening job gone wrong. We promise not to hold it against you.

  • You’ve had your scissors a while and haven’t ever had them sharpened.

    Life happens, and fabric scissor sharpening sometimes ends up on the back burner. But if you’ve regularly used your scissors for more than six months and have never had them sharpened, you might be surprised at how dull they’ve become.

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