Horse Clipper Blade Sharpening We don’t horse around about properly sharpened grooming equipment.

Whether you’re a professional groomer or an owner trying to make your horse look great, you’ve likely got a lot of horse grooming tools in your arsenal. Brushes, shears, clippers, hoof picks—there are a lot of expensive tools required to make your faithful steed look his best.

But as expensive as all that equipment is, it’s even more expensive to replace when your blades are dull beyond repair. That’s why groomers and owners alike should make horse clipper blade sharpening and shear sharpening a regular part of their equipment maintenance.

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4 Horse Grooming Tips to Live By

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  • Riding in Style

    Any groomer or stylist knows that the best results always come from well-maintained and sharpened grooming blades. In fact, failing to keep your shear and clipper blades sharp can actually limit your styling options.

  • A Happy Horse, of Course

    Proper grooming doesn’t just make your horse look great, it makes him feel good too. Dull clipper blades can tug at the horse’s mane and tale, causing pain and agitation—and no one wants that.

  • Get Show Ready

    Planning on participating in an upcoming horse show? Make sure to add horse clipper blade sharpening to your pre-show to-do list.

  • Keep it Clean

    Did you know that using shears and clippers on a dirty horse can make them dull faster? Giving your horse a bath before a haircut will ensure you get the maximum amount of time between sharpenings. 

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