Medical Instrument Sharpening Your skills aren’t all that need to stay sharp when you’re a healthcare professional.

We know what you’re thinking. Our company’s name is “Groomer’s Best Friend.” Why would you contact us for medical instrument sharpening?

Hear us out.

We love animals so much that we provide the highest quality groomer sharpening services to our grooming customers. In fact, in our minds, what’s good enough for man’s best friend is good enough for man, too.

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5 reasons you should trust us to sharpen your medical instruments:

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  • We’ve got experience.

    We’ve worked with veterinarians for years to help them sharpen their dental and surgical instruments.

  • We put a premium on cleanliness.

    In our years of working with medical and veterinary clients, we know how important it is to have sterile instruments that are free from rust and residue.

  • We have the professional-grade tools to sharpen your blades with precision.

    Medical and surgical tools require professional sharpening equipment and an expert hand. We know how to handle these instruments, so they will continue to hold up for years to come.

  • We offer the convenience of mail-in sharpening.

    Whether you need a few instruments sharpened or want to send us everything, we offer flexibility that you won’t find with most medical instrument sharpening services.

  • Our services are guaranteed.

    We know you don’t trust just anyone to sharpen your medical instruments, and we value your time and your business. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the sharpening services we have provided, we’ll make it right for free.

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