Anvil 700-CPX 8.5″ 440C Curved Blade

Product Details:

Anvil Shears Offer the Professional Groomer the Shears Needed to do Their Job on a Multitude of Dog Breeds.

  • Convex ground, polished, assembled and finished in the USA.
  • Made of Molybdenum 440 Vacuum-Hardened Stainless Steel. 57+or-1 Rockwell-C Hardness.
  • Short shanks and dropped/offset thumb handle for reduced hand fatigue.
  • Silicone finger ring-sizers included.
  • 8.5″ overall length with a cutting length of 4″.
  • Adjustable shear tension with the supplied tool.
  • Instructions for shear maintenance, shear tension adjustment, and warranty included.
  • Zippered leather case.




10 character limit; Not returnable if you choose to have it engraved; blades and shears only