Anvil 801-T 26Tooth Chunkers

Product Details:

Anvil’s 801-T 26 Tooth Chunker is Manufactured with Alloyed Molybdenum / Vanadium 440C Stainless Steel

  • Double hollow ground. Hollow grinding imparts more cutting power without increasing cutting pressure, producing a smoother feeling cutting experience.
  • Hollow ground, micro-honed, polished, assembled and finished in the USA.
  • Made of Molybdenum/Vanadium 440C Stainless Steel 57+or-1 Rockwell-C Hardness
  • Handles are 20% Larger than the 700 and 966 series shears.
  • Ring sizers included.
  • Precision oiler and Anvil’s Lubricant impregnated wiping cloth Included.
  • The overall length is 8 ¾” (finger rest included) with a cutting length of 4 ¼”.
  • TENSION PROPORTIONING SYSTEM – ANVIL® TPS utilizes a bearing system under the screw head and a conical washer under the clicker plate. The conical washer must compress to lose its spring tension. The shear’s tension setting is now locked into place until readjusted.
  • Zippered case, oiler and wiping cloth included.




10 character limit; Not returnable if you choose to have it engraved; blades and shears only