Diamondg Rotary Nail Grinder

Product Details:

Professional Pet Groomers need a nail grinder bit that won’t wear out or overheat. Our custom Diamond Rotary pet nail grinder tool bits have a proprietary channel that not only grinds the bottom of the nails but the sides as well for a smooth and painless finish.  Once you have removed the amount of nail you desire, the finer tip polishes it off with a finer 120 grit. This is the last pet nail grinder bit you’ll ever need!

  • Item Details
    • Weight: 2 oz
    • Size: 4 x 6 x 4 in
  • Bits Available In Two Sizes (Lil Lola for dogs up to 30lb, Big Casey for dogs 30lb and over)
  • Best for Short-Hair Dogs
  • Big Casey Bit Has A 60 Grit Body And 120 Grit Proprietary Polishing Bowl
  • Lil Lola Bit Has A Finer 80 Grit Body And 120 Grit Proprietary Polishing Bowl
  • Steel Construction Helps To Alleviate Nails From Heating Up Compared To Conventional Paper Drums
  • Fit Most Rotary Tools Including Dremel Brand
  • Easy To Clean Nail Dust With Tooth Brush And Soapy Water
  • Lifetime Warranty

*Dremel not included




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