Diamondg Rotary Tool Combo Pack

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Out Of Stock. New Pro Model Coming Soon.

Two is always better than one. With this combo pack, you get it all. The Professional Series Diamondg Cordless Rotary Tool, the Micro Diamondg Rotary Tool, and enhanced Big Casey and Lil Lola bits.

Pro Rotary Tool

With an 8-volt lithium-ion battery, lighted end for improved visibility, and five speeds, this tool has the power to run all day long in any busy shop.  Lighter and more ergonomic than many other cordless rotary tool, and it’s fantastic balance, this tool will make nail grinding a breeze for the professional and home user alike!

  • Tool comes in pink
  • All day charge for busy work days
  • Rotary tool has a 6-month warranty

Micro Rotary Tool

With a 4-volt rechargeable battery and 4 speeds, this small and lightweight rotary tool is perfect for the home user who only has one or two dogs to do at a time.  Simply use the enclosed micro USB cord and any cell phone charging adapter, you will be ready to go in an hour.

  • Tool comes in white
  • Approximately 45 minutes of run time on a charge.
  • Lightweight 3.6oz, this tool is perfect for your smaller breed pups
  • Rotary tool has a 6-month warranty

Enhanced Bits

Perfect for inexperienced home users as well as high volume groomers. These bits won’t wear out or overheat. Our custom Diamondg Rotary pet nail grinder tool bits have a proprietary channel that not only grinds the bottom of the nails but the sides as well for a smooth and painless finish. Once you have removed the amount of nail you desire, the one of a kind Proprietary Polishing Bowl polishes it off with a finer 120 grit. This is the last pet nail grinder bit you’ll ever need!

  • Lil Lola for dogs up to 30lb, Big Casey for dogs 30lb and over
  • Bits are Gen 2 models
  • Steel Construction Helps To Alleviate Nails From Heating Up Compared To Conventional Paper Drums
  • Easy To Clean Nail Dust With Tooth Brush And Soapy Water
  • Lifetime Warranty



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