On-Site Sharpening Services
  • DiamondG Nail Grinders Set of 2-Coarse to Fine

    $99.00 $50.00

    Set of two custom designed nail rotary tool bits. Bits are custom designed and product tested by experienced groomers to ensure easy of use, durability and functionality.   

    All bits have a lifetime replacement guarantee against factory defects, wear and accidental damage.

    • Coarse main body to quickly grind down the bottom and the sides of the nail, as well as the sides.  Top of bits have a finer 120 grit diamond for polishing the tips of the nails.
    • Steel drum helps to dramatically reduce the nail from heating up during the use
    • Electroplated diamond grit easily cleaned with a toothbrush to eliminate nail dust issues.
    • Smaller bit has an 80 grit main drum and 120 grit top bowl for polishing the nail tip.
    • Larger bit has 60 grit main drum for faster knock-down on bigger dogs.
    • Uniform grit and side walls in channel virtually eliminates nails splitting along the edges.