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Salon Shear Sharpening It’s more than a tongue twister—it’s a serious service that will keep your hands, your clients, and your wallet happy.

When was the last time you had your salon shears sharpened? It can be easy to put that on the back burner when life keeps you busy, especially when professional shear sharpening comes as an out-of-pocket cost. We don’t want to bust your bubble, but instead we’ll bust three major myths about salon shears.

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3 Complete Myths

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  • Myth #1: Dull Shears Don’t Really Matter

    Cutting and styling hair is an art form, and your shears, scissors, and clippers are practically an extension of your arm. Expecting to create a masterpiece hair style with dull blades is like asking Leonardo DaVinci to recreate the Mona Lisa with a dull crayon. It’s just not going to happen. Not to mention, dull blades can cause debilitating hand pain.

  • Myth #2: You Can Sharpen Your Shears Yourself

    Professional salon shears and scissors are expensive, delicate tools that require careful, experienced care. You’ll find many DIY tutorials online that claim you can sharpen your salon equipment yourself, but it’s more likely that you’ll do irreparable damage to your scissors if you try to sharpen them on your own.

  • Myth #3: Professional Shear Sharpening is Expensive

    Sure, it costs money to have your shears professionally sharpened. But when you consider that professional shear sharpening actually extends the life of your shears, we think you’ll agree it’s a worthy investment.


We offer mobile and mail-in sharpening services, and we even offer free shipping for mail-in sharpening when you spend $80 or more.

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