Detailed Instructions for Mail-In Sharpening

  1. To get the convenience shipping label, fill out the request form, and we will email it to you.
  2. To print the shipping label, uncheck the box on your print screen that says “fit to page.”
  3. Tape the label onto your shipping box (We recommend using a plain box or padded envelope - not USPS Prepaid boxes, which add to your shipping cost).
  4. Be sure to write your return address on the box.
  5. Don’t forget to print and include your order form.
  6. Please ensure all items are wrapped/padded, as we are not responsible for damage incurred during transit.
  7. Then, just drop your box off at your local post office.

*disclaimer* you will be charged for shipping in both directions - the downloadable shipping label is for your convenience, but does not make shipping free.