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Groomer's Best Friend

Filthy Animal Shears

Filthy Animal Shears

Be the coolest kat in your salon with our amazing new swivel Filthy Animal shears from Groomer’s Best Friend!

Constructed of superior V10 steel with a ball-bearing pivot, not only are these shears a hoot but they perform like no others. V10 steel is harder and superior to 440C steel, which is the benchmark steel usually in the grooming industry. Since the steel is superior in our new line the edges will far outlast most other shears on the market, and the swivel thumb will drastically reduce the strain on your hands which leads to long-term injuries.

  • 8″ Thinner
  • 7″ Curved
  • 8″ Straight
  • 7″ Chunker

Available in swivel and non-swivel

Finger inserts included (request at checkout)

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