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Groomer's Best Friend

Buttercut 8 Pack

Buttercut 8 Pack

Featuring top-quality German Stainless Steel blades with ultra-sharp edges for optimum performance, cost-effective Geib Buttercut Stainless Steel 8-Pack Blade Kits are a value that gives groomers more bang for their buck. Buttercut Stainless Steel Blades have a Rockwell Hardness rating of 70Edges and stay ultra-sharp longer for lasting performance and durability. Compatible with all A5-style detachable blade clippers.

Material: Stainless Steel

Blades Included:

  • #40 has a 1/100 cut
  • #30 has a 1/50 cut
  • #15 has a 3/64 cut
  • #10 has a 1/16 cut
  • #7F has a ⅛ cut
  • #5F has a ¼ cut
  • #4F has a ⅜ cut
  • #3F has a ½ cut
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