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Groomer's Best Friend

FurBabies Dematting Comb

FurBabies Dematting Comb

The FurBabies Dematting Comb is a 2-in-1 pet detangler and shedding tool that will save you hours while making brushing a more comfortable experience for your pet.

Side 1: Perfect for Mats and Tangles

This side features large teeth that spaced farther apart, ideal for extremely matted fur. The blade is curved in a way that protects your pet’s skin while easily cutting through fur that is tangled or matted—no pulling or tugging required.

Side 2: Ideal for Brushing & De-Shedding

The smaller and more closely spaced teeth on this side easily remove dead undercoat, helping to prevent shedding and keeping your pet’s coat looking healthy with regular use.

  • THE ULTIMATE DETANGLER – Double-sided pet comb easily detangles matted and knotted fur in medium- to long-haired cats and dogs.
  • HELPS WITH SHEDDING – Finer-toothed second side is perfect for thinning your pet’s undercoat, reducing shedding, and promoting healthy hair growth.
  • KEEP YOUR PET SAFE & COMFORTABLE – Intuitive design makes brushing and detangling a painless experience your pet will look forward to.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you’re not happy with this detangling brush, please get in contact with us so we can make it right.


  • Pain-free grooming tool that promotes a healthy coat
  • Ideal for dogs and cats with medium to long fur
  • Regular brushing prevents tangles and reduces shedding
  • Professional-grade grooming tool

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